Miniature Schnauzers Pregnant “Buns In the Oven”

Well, it is 9:59 pm PST

Miniature Schnauzers Gemma, Zaida, Shiloh

Today has been a great day at the home of Barbara Williams, and Zurilgen Family of Miniature Schnauzers.

We started our day with sunshine in the central valley of California Just outside the San Francisco Bay Area.

My boy Leo and my girls all went outside to enjoy the sun and the weather with me.

Gemma, Zaida, and Shiloh all have “buns in the oven”, yes, that is a big yes, Schnauzer puppies will be here soon.

All of my Mini Schnauzer fur girls are in their 3rd trimester.

A pregnancy gestation period is approximately 59 to 68 days; it is more or less 9 weeks.

Miniature Schnauzer Gemma’s puppies are expected around May 24th and Zaida and Shiloh’s puppies are expected shortly thereafter.


Miniature Schnauzer puppy is relaxed in the arms of this 3 year old

Black Miniature Schnauzer puppy enjoys the love of a 3 year old girl and this lil girl loves Miniature Schnauzers!


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