My statement for Barbara Zurilgen AKA Barbara Williams.

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To whomever may read this statement, here is my thoughts and review regarding my time and experience with Barbara Zurilgen:
I found Barbara through chance via meeting and talking to a gentleman who had purchased a mini schnauzer puppy through her. I was lucky enough to ask him where he got his puppy and name of the breeder (which was Barbara). He was able to describe her exactly and gave her a glowing recommendation for her. So I bit the bullet and looked her up and gave her a call. The moment I told Barbara who referred her to me just by my location and what person looked like- she knew immediately who I was talking about. Everything the gentleman had said about her, checked out plus more. 
First off, she is very personable and friendly. She loves to get to know the future pet parent to one of her pups. Second, she is very professional and knows exactly what is doing and is THE expert and person to go regarding miniature schnauzer dogs. Third, she is very flexible and greatly loves her dogs, her craft, and the breed itself. She is very knowledgeable and is very willing to help you as long as you’re willing to help yourself, the pup and her. 
The puppy I have received with her has already helped me majorly in terms of my mental and emotional health. I had previously lost my best friend, my dog Lucky, from an aggressive cancer and it felt like my world had stopped. Now after having spent some time at home with my new baby, I can now finally start feeling better after my major loss. Her puppies and Barbara herself have truly helped me in more ways than one. 
To anyone who has suffered a loss, anyone needing a companion for either friendship or for mental health related reasons, I highly recommend Barbara and her mini schnauzers. I, myself, plan on returning to her when the time comes!
Thank you.
Best regards,
Alex H.

“I spoke with Barbara roughly 10 years ago and never forgot the upbeat Miniature Schnauzer Lady who waxed eloquently about the benefits of being loving caregivers to these unique fur bearing creatures.

Despite the 10 year interval, she has remained the enthusiastic personality I recall from our earlier conversations.

As noted, I found her contact information after locating some of her wonderful youtube videos & her websites. I can attest that she has taken her Miniature Schnauzer business from zero to Saturn!

She has put obvious energy, effort & thought into the wealth of information that any responsible Miniature Schnauzer caregiver could only hope to access.

Well done, Barbara! We look forward to adopting our next intelligent & beautiful black pup from one of your well cared for litters this summer!”

– Sue

“Thank you Sue for your endorsement! I am as excited as you in receiving your new fur baby!!” Barbara


“Barbara Williams, not only has the Expertise, but she also has the Passion to Educate, Equip, and Empower Network Marketers so they can realize the full Potential of their enterprise. I’m glad to see Barbara bring the same Zest & Zeal that she has used Professionally for many years into the homes of the masses throughout the USA – and the World… Barbara is the leader and Development Professional that You Deserve to Benefit from.”

Jerry Clark, Chief Empowerment Officer, ClubRhino.com


Barbara Williams is a dynamic leader, trainer and mentor! Her greatest love is to connect with people who are looking to make some changes in their lives on an intimate level and help them grow. This business is all about going to the next level and I have seen Barbara help make that happen for people for over 15 years!

Chris Sanchez,  President, Sales and Marketing and business owner


Barbara is bold and brave on the outside and humble on the inside, I am proud to know her.

Ellie Drake.     EllieDrake.com


“Barbara Williams is a master connector. You deserve to receive her insight and wisdom which will assist you with your transformation.”

“Thank you Jeffery Combs, for your endorsement, I am proud to be still connected with you since 1999.” “my girl Barbara” thank you then and now 20+ years later!  Barbara Zurilgen

Jeffery Combs, President, Founder and CEO of Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc,



Where can one begin when attempting to describe a consummate professional and an expert in her field?
Of course, I am talking about Barbara Williams, master sales trainer and network marketer extraordinaire.
Barbara, a woman from whom I have learned more about true marketing than any professor ever taught me, while working toward my marketing degrees, is a store of hands on marketing skills and techniques. As an adjunct professor myself, I marvel at Barbara’s ability to quickly open the eyes of the trainee and provide, in a very practical way, the knowledge they need to accomplish their dreams.
Many people can teach sales techniques but to see Barbara handle a sales call is pure poetry in motion. To the onlooker it appears as though two long time friends are sharing something wonderful.

I highly recommend Barbara Williams to anyone desiring to pursue their dreams through network marketing.

Sincerely, Robert Smith, Business Analyst and Adjunct Professor


My name is Dexter Mayhood and my wife and I decided we wanted to purchase a miniature schnauzer puppy.  We did a lot of research and we made contact with Barbara Williams.  Barbara is extremely passionate about her mini schnauzer breeding and makes sure that her puppies are going to good homes.  She makes sure that the new prospective puppy purchaser is educated and she backs that up with knowledge that she has accumulated over her many years of breeding.  She has written books and also has an extensive library of videos on training.  She is always available for questions and that is extended even after you purchase a puppy from her.  She is extremely honest in her business dealings and she raises top quality mini’s.  All are checked for health problems too. We purchased our pup (Gretta) from Barbara and picked her up a little before Christmas of 2022.  So far the pup has been a joy and that’s because of all the handling that Barbara does before the puppy goes home.  My wife and I highly recommend Barbara!!

We want to thank all of my happy Miniature Schnauzer Puppy Families for the great homes you give our puppies.\


Hi Barbara,

I hope you’ve been well this past year. We just celebrated George’s first birthday last week and I wanted to send you a note letting you know that he has been a fabulous addition to our family. We took his training seriously (and we still do!) and watched the Dunbar videos and did the Sirius classes and everyone says that he is so calm and chill and well behaved. He certainly has his schnauzer quirks though! He loves eating green vegetable treats like celery and cucumber and even cilantro and parsley. He’s very snuggly and wants to hang out with us on the couch when we’re relaxing after dinner or climb into my lap when I’m playing with him on the floor. We couldn’t have asked for a better pup and we thank you so much for all you do for your puppies and clients. I’ve attached some recent photos from Thanksgiving and his birthday!

Christine, Kyle, and George


After my wife and I decided on a Schnauzer we researched breeders in CA. After careful analysis we decided on Barbara Williams of Merced. Among several reasons, the one that stood out to us was Barbara’s training expertise. We felt that this additional benefit was well worth Barbara’s reasonable charges. Barbara housed and trained the puppy during her first two months of life, from 1 to 8 weeks she received age appropriate training, and then Barbara offered ongoing coaching, training, and education via video and phone conference to my wife and me. As novices to puppy rearing my wife and I felt this benefit was invaluable. Now we have an absolutely wonderful, happy, and well-adjusted Schnauzer who we love greatly. We were so grateful for Barbara’s excellent knowledge on how to train us so we would be able to train our new puppy. Barbara’s video conference training skills were invaluable and I would highly recommend her if you want a happy Schnauzer and/or a professional dog coach and trainer.

Ted and Audrey
San Ramon, CA

Testimony from one of my Miniature Schnauzer Puppy Parents.


If you are looking for expertise in any area concerning dogs, Barbara Williams is the person you should contact first and foremost.  She is a resource for dog training, coaching, counseling, and helping people resolve problems they have with their dogs.

Barbara breeds Miniature Schnauzer puppies and begins training them right when they are born.  This training is extremely valuable to make the puppies more trainable, lovable and trusting.  She provides people necessary information about pet nutrition, supplies, grooming, and training.

We have been working with Barbara for over a year and have been extremely pleased with her honor, concern, and her willingness to “go the extra mile” to make the relationship between the fur baby and their owner the best possible.

We have a fourteen-week-old Miniature Schnauzer puppy we purchased from Barbara who is so loving, easily trained, well socialized, and a real joy.

We feel this is because of the the special trainings and attentions Barbara gives each of her puppies and her puppy parents.

Retired Special Education Teacher

Copyright © 2013 Zurilgen Kennels. We breed only AKC acceptable colors: Purebred Salt & Pepper, Black & Silver, and Black Miniature Schnauzers. All Rights Reserved.

“Barbara Williams not only has the Expertise, but she also has the Passion to Educate, Equip, and Empower Puppy Owners so they can realize the full Potential of their four legged companions. I’m glad to see Barbara bring the same Zest & Zeal that she has used Professionally for many years into the homes of Puppy Owners throughout the USA – and the World… Barbara is the Puppy Breeding and Development Professional that You Deserve to Benefit from.”

Jerry Clark
Chief Empowerment Officer

At first when I began the journey of becoming a Schnauzer parent I thought the emphasis on training was a bit much. Then when I brought Angel home I began to see “what I didn’t know”. Schnauzers are so very smart and I was not training her but Angel was training me. I had to review several parts of the training material and ask for Barbara’s guidance to become the puppy parent I want to be. Now that I became teachable Angel and I are doing great.
Thank you so much Barbara.
Ann B.
Manteca, California


Barbara Williams has a wealth of knowledge in all areas of “dog ownership”. Included
in this are: selecting the right dog for you; what to feed your dog; how to train your dog from the basics to the advanced techniques; equipment needed for training; how to groom your dog, and where to get the supplies to accomplish all these things.

Judy B.



Loved this website PuppyGenius.com because it’s so informative about the various breeds and I am excited about buying a Miniature Schnauzer from Barbara

Sabrina Rodriguez



Barbara Williams, is an expert coach, and trainer who the masses are seeking for puppy and dog ownership advice, and she also provides people seeking to adopt in order to learn how to pick that best breed for their family, from the best breeder, and points out red flags; then, puppy own- ers are better able make good breed and breeder choices and to learn to become better “puppy and dog parents”.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend time with Barbara and ask her advise on concerns I had about getting a new puppy.

She gave me information that was very helpful to me and did away with all my fears and my questions I had in those areas.

We covered things like:

what a new owner should take when they go to pick up their new puppy; how to properly take them home in the car; how to keep them safe when they need to go to the bathroom; what to do when you get home; where they should sleep and how to make them feel comfortable; toys that are excellent for them and where to buy them; and where to get the most nutrition and proper food.

I felt very comforted by the information Barbara shared with me and am thankful for the time she shared with me.

Judy Buzza
Oroville, California



About four months ago I contacted Barbara Williams at Zurilgen Kennels because we were thinking of purchasing another Miniature Schnauzer puppy.

Since we had dogs our entire lives; and four Miniature Schnauzers previously; we were sure, that all we needed to do was purchase one.

After talking to Barbara at length, I learned that there were many resources available that would make “life with a puppy” more enjoyable and much more successful.

She spent a great deal of time with me offering many helpful suggestions. Some of those were:

what to feed your puppy and where to buy the food, supplies needed to raise your puppy properly and where to get these items.

She also recommended puppy training courses taught by an expert dog trainer.

Her willingness to share all of her expertise saves a huge amount of time that it would take you to research all these areas yourself and make educated decisions.

Barbara also provides many YouTube presentations and videos such as:

How to Potty Train Your Dog
Off Leash Training
Bringing Your Puppy Home
How to Teach Your Dog When to Bark and When not to Bark.

It is exciting to work with Barbara and I am getting exceptionally great advise on how to raise a puppy.

Judy Buzza

Here is Ted and Lacy siting in their San Ramon backyard. Lacy in this photo is full grown and she is a Sasha puppy. The litter that is due June 7th is from the same mom and dad as Lacy which is Sasha and Leo.

I coached Ted and Audrey with training techniques. They are a great mom and dad for Lacy.

When you make me your breeder of choice you receive a training ebook, hours of training and coaching, and a coupon discount to my new training website (that will launch in 2 months) and more benefits.


My wife and I live in San Ramon, CA and for some time wanted to add a dog to our family. After deciding on a Miniature German Schnauzer the next step was to find a reputable breeder.

We researched this for a while and were thinking of going with a large breeder in the North Bay but after several phone calls and some research the name of Barbara Williams kept surfacing.

While Barbara had a good reputation amongst breeders we debated a bit because Barbara’s puppies are a little more expensive and she lives far away from us. However, after a few more phone calls with Barbara we finally decided to choose her as our breeder.

The things that influenced us were Barbara’s years of experience and knowledge and the special attention she gives to the puppies during the first 60 days of their young lives. Since Barbara only raises a few puppies at a time more attention can be given to them relative to larger breeders.

Also, Barbara provides five telephone hours of free training to the owners prior to puppy adoption if desired. In addition, Barbara recommended some written resources and special puppy training classes vital to the first three to eight months of the puppy’s life. In essence my wife and I felt Barbara provided a lot more value than a larger breeder that just sells many puppies in volume.

We have now had our happy, playful, well-adjusted puppy named Lacy for almost 7 months and we love her to death. Even after adopting, Barbara still checks in with us periodically to see how Lacy is doing and if we need any help. Barbara has a caring attitude for us as owners and for the future of these adorable animals.

Overall we’ve been very happy with the puppy adoption process and we have Barbara Williams to thank.

Ted and Audrey Engberg

Barbara was kind and paid every attention to every detail from when I first telephoned her and throughout the process until my elderly parents picked up their puppy. She explained everything and what to expect as well as provided tips on training, food recommendations, whether to get his ears clipped, and what type of supplies would be needed. She was there every step of the way. She is not only a dog breeder, she is a valuable resource. I know i can always call Barbara if I have questions about Toby. My parents immediately bonded with their new puppy, and the entire family is in love with Toby! He’s a lucky dog!

Helen P. California


Kathleen and Ian and Jack

After loosing our dog of 13 years in 2016, I didn’t know if my heart could love another dog again. I am thankful Captain Jack brought love back to a lonely pair of hearts 9 months ago.  His addition to our family brings out the joy and frenzied excitement in us all. He brought youth back to his 7 year old white Schnauzier sisters with constant activity and play.

Like the arrival of an unexpected stork delivery, so too was the adoption of our little man. Jack loves to cuddle up to a warm body and roll onto his back with all 4 paws in the air, but I wonder if he knew how terrified I was not to crush him in my sleep.

Kathleen Baker…..San Jose, CA




Blade is 10 weeks old

I want to thank you Barbara so much for our new little bundle. Blade is so handsome and such a happy puppy.

You breed a true winners and we are so blessed that you picked the perfect match for our family. His Vet said he’s healthy all the way around and is a good looking pup. Everywhere we go people come up to him and they compliment us on how cute he is.

Blade even does extremely well with traveling. He’s a true roadie.

Potty training is going so well now despite being rocky at 1st. He surprised us and started going outside on his own yesterday. We just open the door and out he goes right to the puppy pads. Not only that but he has learned to not have accidents in his cage and to hold and notify us when he needs to go.

Seeing Blade interact with the kids is the cutest. He chases them and wrestles with them. His little legs are the funniest cutest thing to watch when he chases the kids.

Blade brings smiles to all of our faces and we are so happy to have found you with your knowledge and patience to produce wonderful new family members.

Thank you so much Barbara !!     LoveThe Dial’s



I am blessed to find such wonderful families to adopt my puppies and offer them a safe, healthy and happy forever home.




“I love my new puppy, but those needle sharp baby teeth can wreak havoc with skin and clothing.  Leave it to Barbara Williams to offer the perfect solution.

Six inch Beef Bully Sticks from Youngevity at www.PuppyGoodies.com are a miraculous product to quell the teething anxiety of a young dog.  First they are made in the USA, an important requisite for those of us who are trying to provide only the most healthful way of life for ourselves and our puppies.  The sticks are sturdy and do not dissolve into a gloppy mess.  Best of all, they offer hours of satisfying chewing.  What a pacifier is to a fussy baby, a Beef Bully Stick is to a high energy teething puppy.  I sincerely do not know what I would do without them.  Best of all, my sweet eight week old Bogey agrees.”

June McKnight

Pacific Grove

Odell is a happy camper with his new family….

“Hi Barbara,
I just wanted to send a note to let you know how pleased my family has been with the beautiful miniature schnauzer we picked up from Zurilgen Kennel. Our puppy was so well socialized and trained that he has adjusted extremely well to his new home.
The support you provided before, during and after pickup has been a huge benefit to our family as we raise our first puppy.   The passion you and Madison have for these dogs shows and we couldn’t have picked a better breeder.
Attached is a cute picture of Odell adjusting to his new home.
Frank V.
San Jose, CA.

Puppies Are Here!!!



Dear Barbara,

Hubble has turned one year yesterday! We wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for giving us Hubble and for picking the puppy with just the right personality for our family  – what an outstanding dog Hubble is! Affectionate, smart and so incredibly intuitive – I am often surprised of how much he understands of what we tell him and how in tune he is with the boys!

He is the little brother of Eli and Dante 🙂

Your training also paid off – he is very well behaved and enjoying all the privileges of indoor and outdoor life, to his choosing 🙂

Thank you for an amazing dog!

Daniela, Sabin, Dante and Eli


The day that Sadie came home with me from Barbara’s, my life changed! Having loved schnauzers for as long as I can remember I was so excited to find Barbara and Madison. As luck would have it, they had recently had a litter of puppies and there were still two little girls available. Barbara was so warm and helpful from the very beginning. Understanding that I was a first-time puppy owner, Barbara really did walk with me every step of the way, from making the decision to get Sadie to visiting her home to finally picking her up at 9 weeks of age to housetraining and everything else that goes along with having a brand new puppy.

As a brand new puppy owner, I certainly had a lot of things to learn about having a puppy. Even after I took Sadie home, Barbara always made herself available by phone/text/email. Having raised dogs all her life, Barbara is a great resource for first-time pup parents. Sadie is now nearly six months old and we have gone back to visit Barbara three times already for play dates.

Sadie is a beautiful dog – everywhere we go I get many compliments about her and inquiries as to where I got such a gorgeous dog. She is the picture of health and passed all her puppy checkups with flying colors. Nowadays Sadie enjoys outings to the dog park, walks with momma, tummy rubs, and snuggling on rainy days. She is playful, energetic, and such a fast learner. We are now in the middle of our second puppy class and she is certainly at the top of her class! She is so smart and picks up on cues very quickly. Barbara’s training with the pups early in their lives has made all the difference.

Thank you, Barbara and Madison, for giving me the sweetest and smartest puppy I could ever have wished for. I cannot imagine my life without Sadie.

Graduating from puppy class 1. Top of her class!

Carrots are my favorite!

Love going for car rides with mommy.

Every day is an adventure!

Sadie at the dog park – whoa windy!

Michelle Tsai, MD
San Mateo, CA


Thank you Michelle for your testimony. Sadie is such a doll and so are you!

Dear Barbara,

Thought you might appreciate a recent picture of Superdog (he will be 3 in March.)
Every day he walks to school with the kids and he is an absolute celebrity – all the kids run up to pet him! If I don’t bring him, everyone asks where he is. He also LOVES to see all his dog friends at school, he has yet to meet a dog he doesn’t want to play with.
Thanks again for such a wonderful dog! We can’t imagine life without him

Cheers, Michele & family

I wanted to give you an update in our Schnauzer Twins that we got from you about 4 years ago.

These two girls will be having their 4th Birthday tomorrow the 17th of April. I want to tell you again how grateful we are to you for these extremely precious puppies. We call them puppies because they are about 13 lbs. They were out on a walk and they love being able to go out and explore the world. You can see how happy they are.

What you did as a Breeder in caring for them and socializing them has carried through to this day.

I know you and Madison took great care to keep them healthy and communicated and socialized them to be warm, friendly additions to any family or single person. I remember you telling me how you would carry them around very close to you to have them learn to love being close with people. Our Bella and Sophie have become great companions and little love bugs..

I know there are Breeders out there that could be classified as puppy mills because of the abundance of puppies available.

I can’t imagine large breeder would have and take the time and care I know our puppies got. I appreciate the bloodlines that you breed because Schnauzers have a great reputations for being very smart, loyal protectors or should I say alert dogs to anyone who is not part of the tribe, because that is what you can then count on when someone purchases a dog from you. . In your selection of moms and dad’s to these puppies, you made sure the good disposition and temperament can be counted on because they are miniatures and not toys.

You have been careful to maintain the integrity of the breed and all the characteristics of a Miniature Schnauzer that make them such a great family pet or companion. We are in love with our Bella and Sophie. We have had no health issues.

We are grateful to you for having given our family so much joy having them in our life.

Johanna Baker


I am extremely satisfied with the service I have received from Barbara, not to mention how happy I am with the high quality Miniature Schnauzer I now own in Argo.
Amarjit Sandhu, Modesto, California




Dear Barbara,

Gary and I want to thank you for our beautiful girl, Ruby.

She is such a great dog!

Presently she is enrolled in novice obedience and is doing agility.

In addition to that, we are training Ruby to be a diabetic alert dog!

She is doing fantastic!

She is well mannered, great with kids and loves her life and we love her!

I am so glad we made the decision to get this bundle of joy from you.

She has made our lives so much more fulfilled.

Cathy and Gary Camarda






My wife and kids believe this is their favorite dog out of all of the dogs we’ve had.

He truly is a family dog.

I was leery of getting a completely different breed like a “schnauzer” but totally fell in love with this breed.

He is small but built tough and can handle my kids playing rough with him.

I have two pit bulls and he gets along with them just fine. He wrestles with them and stands up for himself.

Potty training this dog was the easiest. He is a very smart dog. He is affectionate and loyal.

I totally love that he does not shed and his coat is easy to maintain.

He is a courageous dog full of heart. He is alert and a great guardian. He gets along with every dog I have introduced him to. I take him everywhere and he behaves.

I would highly recommend puppies from you. They are really worth it.



Don Quijote


Zoey what a beauty!!!

Dear Barbara,


I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for our wonderful puppy Zoey!


Zoey came into our lives in August of 2014.   She is such a sweet girl and we couldn’t have made a better choice!


As you know we have always had large dogs…German Shepherds to be exact… and so choosing a small dog that would fit into our lives was very important to us… That is when we found you and your wonderful miniature schnauzers!


Today Zoey is a happy well adjusted 6 month old puppy that is a delight!


She crate trained easily, ( although she now sleeps in bed with us!) and is enjoying her puppy socialization classes, and enjoys going with us to the dog park, on car rides and to see our friends!


I just can’t imagine a more perfect puppy for us!


Thank you too for all your information to help us choose her, and everything you did in advance to make her transition to our home an easy one!


I will continue to send you photos from time to time of Zoey and her adventures!

Warmest regards~

Barbara Evers

Santa Cruz


Well, today is Monday January 13, 2014, Sunday was a happy and positive day. Lynn and Rick came to visit from just up North. Lynn fell in love with my champion bloodline little girl “Annie”. Lynn and Rick stayed and visited with “Annie”, Madison and me. We really enjoyed meeting them. They are extremely nice people that will give “Annie” and awesome home.

Our 2 year old Miniature Schnauzer was bread by Barbara Williams of Zurilgen Kennels of Miniature Schnauzers of Northern California. She is the most extraordinary dog, we say she is 1/2 human. Being that she was our first “child” we were worried about introducing her to our newborn twins, Lily & Lukas. Our fears were all for not because Jadis treats the babies as part of her pack. She is extraordinarily gentle and not the least bit jealous. The babies are now 9mos old and they’ve actually started to play tug-a-war with Jadis. We couldn’t be more pleased — we are one happy family. –

Erika Grouell
San Jose, California


Winston Our Salt And Pepper Male born February 3, 2013

September 7, 2013 he is 7 months old in this video.

Winston now knows on command down, sit, roll-over, give me a paw with either paw and so much more! Shannon and Breanna are committed to Winston and his progressive development, training, socialization and happiness.

Turn up your speakers and click the link below to watch Winston in action.

Winston Von Breanna And Shannon

Breanna and Shannon

Kelemen, Canada, B.C.


Our New Black And Silver Miniature Schnauzer Puppy

August, 2013
Dear Barbara and Madison,

We wanted you to know how pleased we are with our new black and silver Miniature Schnauzer puppy, Alfie.

He is joyful, playful and loves to snuggle and give kisses. He is very bouncy at play with toys and is very inquisitive of his playpen and of his many visitors. He has a sweet, friendly temperament and is very perky with our family members who have all come to see him. They have all commented what a good decision we made in acquiring him.

We know Barbara and Madison that he is so well adjusted because of the time you spend
handling and socializing each and every one of your puppies.

We would highly recommend your breeding practices to anyone interested in a Miniature Schnauzer. Thank you for providing us with Alfie.


Floyd and Sue Smith

Zurilgen Kennels of Northern California Miniature Schnauzers

July 22, 2013

Another post from Zurilgen Kennels of Miniature Schnauzers of Northern California


Sue and her husband Floyd came from Santa Cruz to visit their puppy “Alfie”. They picked “Alfie” when he was about 3 days old and they came to visit him when he was 3 weeks old. We had a wonderful visit and this is a picture of “Alfie’s” dad, Brody, sitting and loving on Sue.

“This is the picture I took of Sue & Brody who is the Sire of our new Baby Alfie. When we saw Brody with his perfect size & attitude we new we had found our new pet and we are excited to bring him home in August.”
Floyd & Sue
Santa Cruz, California


Barbara Williams

July 17, 2013

Ludo a Miniature Schnauzer living in San Jose, California with Meg and her family was born February 3, 2013 to Zsa Zsa and Brody. He is a smart and adorable Miniature Schnauzer who has an excellent and committed owner, Meg, originally for South India, however, she is now living in San Jose, California. Many of his cousins, my other Miniature Schnauzer puppies, live in San Jose, California also.

Below you will find some comments from Meg of San Jose, California.

Barbara, Ludo, my Miniature Schnauzer puppy I adopted from you,  did great on his test today- he can do SIT, STAY, COME, DOWN and WAIT. My male Miniature Schnauzer, Ludo, can wait for many seconds even with the treat on his paw. He is having trouble with LEAVE IT and DROP IT and I am continuing to work on that.
The trainer commented on his evaluation form that my Miniature Schnauzer, Ludo,  is not aggressive to other dogs and people and I have you to thank you for that..for working from the start on socializing him!
We are traveling to Crater Lake tomorrow on a holiday and staying in pet friendly hotels so that we can have Ludo with us. Because he is crate trained, he is able to travel comfortably in his crate with periodic potty breaks stops…
I have also started using the potty chime bells to start training my male Miniature Schnauzer 6 month old puppy, Ludo, not to bark when he needs to go potty!

June 28, 2013

We adopted a spirited male puppy from Barbara’s schnauzer litter born on Feb 3, 2012. We named him Ludo (from the German name Ludwig which means “fearless warrior”). We wanted a name with German roots since he has German ancestry.

Ludo has been a joy since the day we met him. He crate trained very easily, in fact he has slept in his own bed every night since he came home.

Recently, we undertook a 3 day, 3 night road trip to Grand Canyon and Las Vegas with Ludo and my parents. We stayed in pet friendly hotels along the way. Ludo took very well to travelling in a crate for long distances with rest stops in between. He did great! And we ended up having a wonderful holiday!

His intelligence amazes me everyday. And he is a great companion to my almost 5 year old son.

I feel much safer working from home with him by my side. The other day, we had some solicitors come to our door and the moment, they heard Ludo bark, they didn’t bother to wait, but just got in their car and drove away.

My, this Schnauzer has a bark that can give a German Shephard a complex!

Looking forward to spending many happy years with our new family member!

Meghna, Swami and Pranav
San Jose, CA

Received on June 5, 2013

One of the two litters of puppies that are coming in July has the same mother as Calvin in this testimonial.

Hi Barbara! Hope you and Madison are well. It’s us, just reporting in that Calvin is doing GREAT. We have attached a picture for you to see how big and cute he is. We never cut his ears, nor did they flop, so he has a little bit of a bunny look. You were not kidding when you said you breed for temperament – he is the sweetest dog ever. If it was up to him we would just cuddle all day. He loves his backyard though, and loves to play with his toys, go for walks, and go to the dog park. He is extremely well socialized. We could not be happier with him! Just wanted to let you know and thank you again for giving him a great start in life.
Blessings to you and your family! “L&N” from The SF Bay Area

This Miniature Schnauzer resides in San Jose. Her name is “Zoey” the daughter of Zoe and Brody.


These Miniature Schnauzers are the closest creatures to children I have. These 2 Miniature Schnauzer puppies that I have had for 2 years now never cease to amaze me.They amaze me daily with their enthusiasm and joy.They are eager to please and they are always eager to join in for some cuddle loving time.They are the best friends I was always looking for.

Kathleen and Ian
29 years old
San Francisco Bay Area


Barbara Williams and I have known each other for almost 20 years.

When I found out that she was breeding AKC miniature Schnauzers I knew with her high standards and her high ethical standards and her love of dogs that she would breed healthy puppies that would become the love of a family or of a person’s life. When I had the good fortune to buy two white chocolate Schnauzers I was able to experience first -hand her dog –breeding skills. I’d love to share with you what happened for me and our family.

We adopted Bella and Sophie and when they came to us they were the most loving and playful puppies. Barbara and her granddaughter Madison did a lot of carrying them around talking to them to get them ready to be a part of a loving family. Barbara would carry them around on her chest, so they were used to being close and loved on. The puppies are not only very beautiful they are very smart and trainable which has made them so much fun to have as part of our family.

Having two of them has also been a blessing for a number of reasons. One of the many reasons was because of the way they clean each other’s ears which has kept them healthier and saved on Vet bills. They are great company for each other and spend hours playing and then sleeping next to each other. My daughter and son-in-law live with us and we could not be more in love with these puppies. Every morning when we wake up with them, we are so glad we adopted them.

We call them puppies because they are so small even though they are now almost 2 years old they will always be puppies to us. Barbara is a remarkable breeder and we received very healthy puppies and received our AKC papers very soon after they came to live with us. We had no intention of breeding our dogs, but were very happy to receive the AKC papers as record of their lineage and of Barbara’s integrity that we knew that what she told us about them was true.

Buying a Miniature Schnauzer puppy from Barbara will bring you so much joy, happiness and love into your life you will always be glad that you made a good decision. Hard to believe, but we are more in love with them today than when they first came to live with us. They are worth every penny that I paid.

Thank you, Barbara.

Johanna Baker

San Jose, California



September 14, 2012

….Glenn and Donna, from Salinas, CA! Just wanted to let you know that I look at your website from time to time and love seeing the new puppies. If you remember, we have Bonnie who was born to Zsa Zsa and Brody back in March. I’ve attached some pictures of her. She is a pure joy and such a smart and happy puppy! In fact, I would love to have another but not for another 2 years at least. Maybe even a pure black one. I hope you will still be breeding by that time.

Anyway, just wanted to drop in to say hello and give you an update of our little Bonnie.

Yes, please add this to your website. I’m a supporter! Like I said, she is a pure joy in our lives and can’t imagine life without her!

Glenn and Donna, Salinas, California


LETTER–August, 2012
Barbara Williams is a remarkable resource with dogs in general, but she shows her true wizardry with her beloved breed, the Miniature Schnauzer. It was only by accident that I came across Barbara’s Schnauzer website as I was surfing for information to help me in my preparations for the arrival of a Mini Schnauzer pup. While Barbara’s website itself is chock full of helpful information about the breed, I was compelled to reach out to her directly for additional tidbits of instruction and suggestions. Barbara not only replied to my e-mail rapidly, but she offered to arrange a phone call so that we could talk directly about my questions and concerns.

I was struck, not only by Barbara’s passion for what she does, but also her extensive knowledge and storehouse of ideas that addressed every concern that I raised. Barbara’s experience speaks for itself. The straightforward honesty and integrity that Barbara displayed throughout our hour+ conversation made me proud that there are breeders of her calibre and ethnical standing providing Schnauzer companions for people and families across the country. It must be reminded, I did not purchase my Miniature Schnauzer from Barbara since I had already deposited with a breeder in my area (I live on the opposite coast from Barbara).

Nonetheless, despite not being her “customer,” she took the time out of her busy schedule (irrespective of the difference in our time zones) to help and to educate me, complementing the resources I have been accumulating from other sources, including from the breeder that I had chosen prior to making Barbara’s acquaintance. Had I come across Barbara earlier in my search, there’s little doubt that I would be purchasing my Miniature Schnauzer from her–the distance between us would have been of little consequence to me. Barbara and her granddaughter run a fabulous operation. I wish the both of them, their future clients, and certainly their future Miniature Schnauzer litters the best of luck, success, and happiness.




If you are looking for a mini schnauzer puppy we highly recommend that you call Barbara Williams in California, a registered and highly reputable breeder before you go anywhere else! We picked up our Miss Coco in May 2011 and from the moment of our first phone call right through to settling on our Miniature Schnauzer puppy in at our home, Barbara has shared her expertise and guided us with what necessities we needed to care for our puppy. We had been told it was like having a new baby but with Barbara’s tips and common sense advice, the transition was a breeze! Everyone comments on how healthy and beautiful our Coco is and we feel gratitude in knowing that we chose a puppy that was bred well, is in tip top health and matches our lifestyle perfectly.

For your own peace of mind, choose a Miniature Schnauzer puppy from Barbara Williams. You will be as delighted as we are! We surprised our boys with a puppy and Barbara joined in the fun of surprising them completely! I know that if I need to, I can call Barbara at any time for advice. She loves her puppies and wants their new owners to enjoy them as much as she does. Enjoy!

Melanie & Pat
Pleasanton, California


We chose Barbara after speaking with her, as it was obvious how much she loved her pups, and because of the emphasis on puppy socialization. We knew we wanted a mini Schnauzer as our two four-year old children’s playmates (and my running partner.) We went to meet the pups at about five weeks old, and fell in love! We also stayed for over an hour playing with all the puppies, our kiddos were in heaven! We love our sweet, adorable and smart boy, and Barbara has remained a wonderful resource as questions come up (she recently sent me a link to clippers so I can groom him myself.)
Michele and Dan
Burlingame, CA


He is getting big! He is a very strong-willed and smart puppy. He uses his doggy door to go potty (no accidents in over a week!) We are working on him not barking at everyone we come across, and on not correcting Zaya :0)
He hiked another waterfall at Yosemite… It was hilarious watching him slide down big rocks and slip in the water trying to keep up with the kids. He loves adventure and is still pretty fearless. He is also great with other dogs and has lots of friends in the neighborhood he plays with, my parents cranky rescue dog even kind of likes him (well, at least tolerates him.)
I received this nice heartfelt email from Michele on June 22, 2012

Below you will find testimonies. She and her husband Chad purchased two Schnauzers from us.

“We absolutely love our miniature schnauzers that we purchased from Barbara Williams. They are the most lovable, well-tempered and playful dogs. They are so wonderful around our 3 children! We receive compliments all the time on how stunning these schnauzers are. I wouldn’t purchase a miniature schnauzer from anyone other than Barbara. She is passionate about these animals and continually reaches out to our family to see how the puppies are doing. I am impressed by Barbara’s kindness and professionalism. If you are looking for a quality breeder then I would highly recommend Barbara Williams.

-Tracie Snook


We adopted 2 little Miniature Schnauzer puppies from Barbara. It was obvious to us, that Barbara had spent a lot of time loving and cuddling these puppies. These puppies are so calm and relaxed, not barkers. They have been very trainable and very loving. They took to the pee pads easily.
We are all totally in love with these puppies. We have four adults in our household and all of us can hardly wait to get home to spend more time with them. We have talked about how addicted we are to them, because they are so much fun. We named them Bella and Sophie. They have been so much fun and have added so much energy and love to our household. We could not be more pleased with them. They are smart and have been a surprising best addition to our family.
Johanna Baker

Bella and Sophie and Johanna Baker

From: Erika Grouell [mailto:egrouell@google.com]
Sent: Friday, November 04, 2011 1:10 PM
To: Johanna & Jim Baker
Subject: Send to Barbara

We got our miniature schnauzer at eight weeks from Barbara. This little female has been the delight of our household ever since. Our puppy was a cuddler from the very beginning. She was clearly handled often and loved on during her first weeks of life. We named her Jadis and often call her Jade. Jade took instantly to peeing on the puppy pee pads. She has been easy to train and is eager to please. Jade has a few bursts of energy during the day but, in general people are surprised that she is a puppy. Her intelligence and sweet demeanor have made her a perfect addition to our family, I can’t imagine a better dog.
Erika Grouell
San Jose, California
Jadis, the happy puppy of Erika Grouell living in San Jose, California


My new puppy, Remington, is everything I was looking for in a miniature schnauzer. As Barbara had told me from the beginning, he is both a love and clown. He follows me literally everywhere and even sleeps in my bed or jumps into my lap at any opportunity.
He is a bundle of energy and can chase after his toy for hours, never too tired to bring it back for one more throw. I cannot believe how quickly he has become a member of our family and how much he enjoys being around people! Remy has an amazing, quirky personality that just makes you laugh.
I look forward to watching him grow up and to all the adventures we will have together!
Tracy and Remington


I am still as in love with my chocolate phantom miniature schnauzer today as I was
almost one year ago when I fell head over heels in love…

Thank you, Barbara for all of the training you do to socialize and crate train your puppies. My Schnauzer, Princess Koko de Chanel RUNS to her crate when I open the door. Now, that’s excellent crate training and I cannot take any credit for that.

Barbara, you are an awesome breeder and should be proud of your skills and abilities to offer us such fine puppies.

Jennifer (still in love… with my princess!)

Livermore, California

Sunny Regards,

Barbara Williams

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