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A Story About Our Black Miniature Schnauzer “Shasta”, by Judy Buzza

My name is Judy Buzza, and I want to share my feelings, and my story on having a Black Miniature Schnauzer.

We have had Miniature Schnauzers for more than 45 years, but they were all Salt and Pepper.

We never thought much about what color Schnauzer to get; we just love Schnauzers.

Last July we went to pick up our new Miniature Schnauzer puppy.  While we were at the breeder’s house we met two black Miniature Schnauzers.  Jazzy was about 6 months old, and Bailey was eight weeks old puppy waiting to go to her forever home.  We were fascinated by their spunky, loving personalities.

In November we were blessed by being able to get another Miniature Schnauzer puppy that just happened to be black.

My husband calls this pup “my lady” “ma lady” and says she has too many batteries, and that her batteries are fully charged.  Her excitement about life, her loving personality, and her desire to please make it impossible not to love her.

Each morning we are awakened by gentle licks on our hands and face, then, to our ears to let us know it is time to get up and take her outside.

When outside she has to check on on cats and see what has gone on during the night.  She and the cats roll around in the driveway, lick each other, and check to make sure they are alright.
Next thing on her agenda is to play Fetch.  She likes chasing a toy or ball that is thrown for her.  Most of the time she carries one of her toys in her mouth as she chases after the ball.  This routine usually lasts for more than an hour.
Then she is ready to have breakfast.

She likes to eat out of our hands, out of a Snuffle Ball, or from a puzzle.  She is the happiest when we use a variety of methods to feed her.

Our puppy loves water in any form.  She drinks from the hose, licks the water coming out of the sprinklers, gets in the shower with you, and eats ice cubes.  When we are using the garden hose she likes to pull on the hose making it very difficult to maneuver.

When my husband uses his leaf blower to blow our driveway she is there to give him a ton of help by biting the air coming out of the blower.

Dropping anything on the ground is “fair game”, so we have to be ready to quickly retrieve anything that goes down before she gets it.  She is very fast and loves the challenge of racing you to get whatever it is.

Riding in the car is a “peaceful time” for all us us because she calms down and goes to sleep as soon as the car is in motion.

Training her the basic commands was very easy since she enjoys pleasing you and responds to words or hand signals.  Actually, she is also extremely intelligent, more than our other Miniature Schnauzers due to the special training our breeder gives them during the first 8 weeks of their little lives.

My Shasta, didn’t like to come when called because she was busy with her outside distractions, so, we use one of her squeaky toys to get her to come.  When we squeak it she comes running as far and fast as her legs can carry her.

When first meeting people she is a little discerning, but after a little gurgling and some whoo, whooing she is ready to give kisses and just be held. She truly is a love bug!

Yesterday when we went to the vet she did her regular routine of gurgling and whoo, whooing when the Tech came to get her for her Heart-worm Test.

The Tech picked Shasta up and took her to another room for the test. “Shasta” calmed down and snuggled the Tech as they left the room.

When they returned the Tech wanted to show us what they had practiced in the other room.

The Tech had Shasta sit on the bench in the waiting room and told her to kiss her.  The pup did as she was asked, then licked the Tech’s ear as the Tech was laughing and screeching in surprise.

We are certainly enjoying having this darling, spunky, and extremely lovey black Miniature Schnauzer.

Judy Buzza, Oroville, California
July 10, 2022 5:07 pm Sunday

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