NuVet K-9 Supplement Wafers, Shampoo, Ear Cleaner…..

NuVet K-9 Supplement Wafers, also  used as a TrainingTreat,

Shampoo, Ear Cleaner, Conditioning Spray, all Natural Flea Repellent  Shampoo with Tea Tree oil, which is known to ward off and repel fleas and insects, and even more!!!

NuVet Lab stands out from the crowd!!!

               Your Pets Best Friend

“When my dogs are offered this wafer broken in small pieces as a training treat, oh my gosh, they lick their face and shake just to get the one little crumble I broke off.

I did my research and discovered the best, #1 nutritional supplement; it is human grade and doubles as a training treat for your puppies and dogs at

Order  NuVet Plus K-9 wafers, the human grade nutritional supplement that doubles as a training treat because our dogs love the taste of this wafer while protecting their health.  All of the NuVet products are exceptional at

We use for our puppies and dogs  the NuVet K-9 wafer, NuVet Ear Cleaner,

I love NuVet’s dog ear cleaner, the dog shampoos, Tree Tea Shampoo,  I love all of their products!