I’m glad I did!

I'm trouble

              I’M TROUBLE

We continue to educate ourselves about puppies and dogs, so that we not only know more but so that we can educate the masses.

Investing a few hours and a few dollars to guarantee that the next 15 years with your new puppy are happy ones is a small price to pay.

 A few dollars is a small price for 15 years of JOY instead of 15 years of HELL!

Get your puppy training from us from the comforts of your home!

When a new dog/puppy comes into your life your lifestyle can either go up or go down….the choice is yours to make,  JOY OR HELL


                                         JOY….Hello, my name is Joy!


Bay Area Miniature Schnauzer Katie is Precious!!!

The gorgeous woman is my daughter Rachael Williams and the beautiful and precious Miniature Schnauzer is our new addition to our family, Katie; she is 10 weeks old.

We are providing Miniature Schnauzer puppies to San Jose, Danville, Pacific Grove, Santa Clara, Mexico, New Jersey, Oregon, Las Vegas, Nevada, Louisiana, Wyoming and there are so many more places that our Zurilgen Kennel Miniature Schnauzers live and thrive!!!


Signs of Dog Aggression

Signs of Dog Aggression

Prevent dog aggression in the first place with early puppyhood socialization and handling.
1. This is not random, there are specific steps to be taken at specific time for prevention.
2. The steps and laborious time investment is much greater if you do not do step 1.
Recognize early warning signs and address aggression problems before they become serious.
1. does your dog bark or growl due to a small inconsequential reasons?\
2. does you dog cower?