Your Puppy Depends on You

Your Puppy Depends on You

Your new fur baby, that little cute Miniature Schnauzer puppy depends on you, she relies on you to know what food to feed her, what vitamin to give her, how to groom her, bath her, where to attend puppy classes and so much more. She is now your responsibility like a newborn infant to love, care for, teach and to provide.

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Top 20 Characteristics of a Miniature Schnauzer

Top 20 Characteristics of a Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers – Did you know?

The Miniature Schnauzer originated in Germany in the mid to late 1800s. They are a considered a small breed, the Miniature Schnauzer weights 12 to 20 pounds. The small height of Miniature Schnauzers, at 12 to 14 inches, …allows them to easily live in any size home, apartment, or room; also allows them to easily fly inside the cabin of the airplane as a companion/therapy dog under the airplane sit or in your arms.

              Miniature Schnauzers are Loyal             

  1. Charismatic
  2. Come in Black, Black and Silver, and Salt & Pepper
  3. Non-shedding dog, and there are only a few
  4. Hypoallergenic and there are only a few
  5. They have hair not fur
  6. No normal dog odor
  7. Super Smart Breed of dog #12 in intelligence, trainable, and obedience out of 400 some other breeds according to Wikipedia
  8. Spunky
  9. My bloodline of Miniature Schnauzers are excellent with children, infants to seniors
  10. Intuitive
  11. Great Service dogs
  12. Great Therapy Dogs
  13. Spunky, playful and funny
  14.  Tons of personality
  15. Easy to train
  16. The 12th most intelligent dog
  17. Easy going
  18. Like a chameleon they adapt to their owner’s wants, needs, and desire
  19. Emotional – not a needy dog and non-intrusive
  20. Minimal barking

You will find my Miniature Schnauzers living in San Jose, Santa Clara, Danvile, Dublin, Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, Santa Cruz, San Diego, Eureka, Sacramento, Vallejo, Oregon, Wyoming, Cabo San Lucas, Louisiana and many more cities in California.

How To Shop For A Puppy During The Pandemic – Coronavirus – COVID 19

How To Shop For A Puppy During The Pandemic – Coronavirus – COVID 19



During this time in our lives where we are all united globally seeking comfort, love, guidance, answers and solutions we all deserve more comfort which more times than not can be found in the unconditional love of a puppy.

I truly believe that “The Coronavirus”, COVID 19 has truly turned the world sidewise and in most lives has blind-sided the masses.

We are living the 6 foot rule, living, sometimes isolated and alone in our home, day to day on lockdown and not permitted to leave our homes.

More people than ever are seeking the love, comfort and companionship of a puppy.

Most  people desire, want, and need a companion, therapy or service dog.

So all of a sudden we are on lockdown, many people are filled with fear, uncertainty and insecurity seeking serenity, comfort, peace, and tranquility.

A family with a puppy, children with a puppy, seniors with a puppy begin to feel safer.

“So, how can I buy a puppy when I am prohibited to going to someone else’s home?” they say to themselves in a quiet whisper of insecurity.

Well, I have discovered  a solution, a method of allowing people to pick and choose a puppy for love and comfort and yet all at the same time honoring the 6 foot rule by staying safely in their  home while they meet me, the owner founder of Zurilgen Kennel, Barbara Williams  and our puppies through video conferencing and then have the puppy safely land transported or flown to them.

So, whether you choose me as the Breeder of AKC Miniature Schnauzers to care for your needs, or you choose another breed of dog and breeder there is always a method of accomplishing what you want and need if you stay in the solution….


Barbara Williams

Owner and Founder of Zurilgen Kennel of Miniature Schnauzers

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The Cognition and Emotions of Dogs


More recently than not, I took a course with named Dog Cognition and Emotion by Duke University by Brian Hare.

The course was an amazing eye opener.

Brian Hare’s stunning discovery is that when dogs domesticated themselves around 40,000 years ago they became far more like human infants than their wolf ancestors. Domestication gave dogs a whole new kind of social intelligence. This finding will change the way we think about dogs and dog training—indeed, the revolution has already begun

Below you can see the book cover of the book that accompanies the course.





Miniature Schnauzer Puppies Rock My World!

We have Miniature Schnauzer puppies, our fur babies are available to adopt.  Our Miniature Schnauzer Puppy are in homes throughout California. Most of our Miniature Schnauzer puppies live in Newark, California, San Jose, Danville, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Pacific Grove, Oakland, Emeryville, throughout the Bay Area and South Bay Area. We even have puppies living throughout the United States and Mexico.

Miniature Schnauzers Rock My World! Let’s Tango!

Miniature Schnauzers are the number 12 most intelligent dog for ease of training obedience out of approximately 400 other breeds of dogs according to an entry on wikipedia.

I am a breeder of AKC Miniature Schnauzers with an impressive champion and grand-champion  pedigree.

All of my AKC Miniature Schnauzer Puppies are trained from birth to 8 weeks old at which time these Schnauzer Puppies relocate with their forever family.

Our Miniature Schnauzer puppies listen to classical music for 8 weeks. Now, some of you knowledgeable people are probably saying how silly is that they can’t even hear for the first day 3 weeks; yes, this may be true that they cannot hear for 3 weeks, however, they can feel the vibrations from the music.

We practice the 3 step reward system.

Our puppies learn from the ENS technique

The AKC Miniature Schnauzer puppies at our in home Zurilgen Kennel also are benefiting from our Environmental Enrichment and Socialization program during the first day 8 weeks of their life.

Barbara Williams


Barbara Williams