Magic Hour – Miniature Schnauzer Puppies

Magic Hour – Miniature Schnauzer Puppies

Miniature Schnauzer Puppies, Children, kids and puppies, especially little intelligent and playful Schnauzer puppies, are just two peas in a pod. What love the Miniature Schnauzer puppies give and this lil girl my granddaughter Nyeli possess.

I do have several litters throughout the year.
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Our Schnauzers are adorable as you will see on our website.

Everyone deserves one of our Schnauzer puppies, we do raise them differently than other breeders.

15 Traits of A Miniature Schnauzer

well-mannered and fun-loving dogs 

loyal companions, extremely loyal companions

They are a big dog in a small package 12-20 pounds.

playful, curious, and alert

They love to be the center of attention

Super intelligent and quick learners

Out of about 350 and 197 AKC breeds they are rated number 12 in intelligence and ease of training

Intuitive with a high EQ – Schnauzers actually have a higher EQ than humans

Lively, playful, energetic

Extremely friendly they love people
Amazingly friendly, affectionate, and attentive



Spirited and full of life.

Considered easy to train

Our personal “Miniature Schnauzer Puppies” that we offer the marketplace the opportunity to adopt are always trained with age appropriate training, experiences, socialization, music, and much more.

Some of our Miniature Schnauzer Puppies have gone on to be successful Service Dogs.

Even a diabetic Service Dog.

Miniature Schnauzers make great Therapy dogs, and various types of Service dogs.

I am an advocate of all puppies and dogs, they deserve to receive age appropriate training. Miniature Schnauzers benefit from early training and socialization and positive reward-based training.

Gift That Keeps on Giving – A Miniature Schnauzer Puppy – It is a Magical Love!

Gift That Keeps on Giving – A Miniature Schnauzer Puppy – It is a Magical Love!

Yes, Schnauzer love is magical, puppy magical love is pure and healing!!!

It is amazing how quickly humans heal by the therapy of owning, petting, loving, enjoying, walking with, and the companionship of a Miniature Schnauzer.

Everyone Deserves to love and own a Schnauzer pup, they are fun, affectionate, spirited, funny, a puppy genius delight, the are so quick to learn and easy to train.

Yes, a Miniature Schnauzer Puppy truly are special!

Kids and dogs are magical.

The 5 year old girl you are watching has PTSD, she has many emotional challenges and has been in long term foster care, however, watching her here in this video with these 2 Mini puppies you would never believe the severity of her tantrums and fits, please keep her in pray that she will always be allowed a puppy for her healing journey.

Dog Training Experts

Dog Training Experts

With our Miniature Schnauzer Family we follow the guidelines and advice of  our dog Training expert, Dr. Ian Dunbar, Veterinarian, Animal Behaviorist and Expert Dog Trainer of 45 plus years. Our puppies go to their forever family at 8 weeks old, per the recommendation of Dr. Dunbar.

I also recommend that all fur baby parents take 2 classes by Dr. Dunbar in order to stay current with the fur baby philosophies and trainings.

These 2 classes should be completed 1 -2 weeks before you ta your new fur baby home at 8 weeks.

We at Zurilgen Family of Miniature Schnauzers teach age appropriate dog training from 3 days until 8 weeks of age.

At 8 weeks of age, it is recommended to start the training of your 8 week old puppy with the Puppy Training at Home by SIRIUS,   it should start right at 8 weeks of age and the first segment should be completed simultaneously with the 2nd segment “Dog Training”.

Number 1 class for fur baby parents in which we recommend to complete is an extensive study of                    Puppy Training by Sirius by Dunbar

Number 2 class that we highly recommend is, Dog Training which we ask you to complete before you take  your puppy home. You are to train your new 8 week old puppy both classse #1 and #2 at the same time, that is to say teach them simultaneously both classes 1 and 2. Your study of both classes 1 and 2 you are to complete 2 weeks  before you take your fur baby home.



According to Ann Barkley, “we do not know what we do not know”. She went on to say,  “before taking the 2 Dunbar classes recommend by Barbara Williams,  I thought I knew how to train a puppy because I had previously owned, trained and cared for over 8 or more puppies. However, previously I never owned a puppy as intelligent as the Miniature Schnauzers raised by Barbara Williams at Zurilgen Family of Miniature Schnauzers. After taking “Angel” home at 8 weeks old I quickly realized and was thankful I had taken the 2 recommended Dunbar courses.”

“The Miniature Schnauzer Puppies that Barbara Williams raises are so smart that I am able to teach most of the commands in less than 3 repetitions and I was able to teach Angel to sit in one repetition. This speed of learning has never happened with any of my previous puppies and experiences.”


Miniature Schnauzers Pregnant “Buns In the Oven”

Miniature Schnauzers Pregnant “Buns In the Oven”

Well, it is 9:59 pm PST

Miniature Schnauzers Gemma, Zaida, Shiloh

Today has been a great day at the home of Barbara Williams, and Zurilgen Family of Miniature Schnauzers.

We started our day with sunshine in the central valley of California Just outside the San Francisco Bay Area.

My boy Leo and my girls all went outside to enjoy the sun and the weather with me.

Gemma, Zaida, and Shiloh all have “buns in the oven”, yes, that is a big yes, Schnauzer puppies will be here soon.

All of my Mini Schnauzer fur girls are in their 3rd trimester.

A pregnancy gestation period is approximately 59 to 68 days; it is more or less 9 weeks.

Miniature Schnauzer Gemma’s puppies are expected around May 24th and Zaida and Shiloh’s puppies are expected shortly thereafter.


Miniature Schnauzer puppy is relaxed in the arms of this 3 year old
Black Miniature Schnauzer puppy enjoys the love of a 3 year old girl and this lil girl loves Miniature Schnauzers!


Good Schnauzer Morning

Good Schnauzer Morning

We are amazingly enjoying our Miniature Schnauzer puppies, dogs, the swimming pool and the sunny days.

Zaida loves to swim!!! My understanding is that all dogs can swim, however, only some like to swim. I am successful at teaching my dogs to swim and. to enjoy doing it.

Daily they enjoy being with me and I them.

Miniature Schnauzers Rock!

Miniature Schnauzers Rock!




Zurilgen Family of Miniature Schnauzers

Each and every one of our puppies start early neurological stimulation from 4-16 days old. 6 benefits have been observed when exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises.
Here’s what early neurological stimulation does for our puppies long term:
• Improved cardiovascular performance (heart rate)
• Stronger heart beats
• Stronger adrenal glands
• More tolerance to stress
• Greater resistance to disease
• Increased intelligence.
Miniature Schnauzers have captivated our hearts, they are a magnificent animal and they have, bar none, the best temperament of all breeds.

The Standard was the first Schnauzer on the block and it is a standardized breed back by over 200 of breeding to improve the breed.

Then then we took the Standard Schnauzer and bred them with the Great Dane to design and bring into existence the Giant Schnauzer.

Lastly. Came the Miniature Schnauzer that is the most intelligent and easiest to train than all the other Schnauzers according to the research published on Wikipedia. The Standard Schnauzer was breed with the poodle and Affenpinscher to bring the smaller Schnauzer into existence, known as the guard dog and rat-catcher. The Miniature Schnauzer breed is known throughout the world as one of the most popular family dogs.
The standardized, Miniature Schnauzer, that is also accepted in the competitive show ring, as well as, a family pet comes in only 3 colors the solid black, the black and silver, and the salt and pepper which many refer to as grey. A true standardized Miniature weighs 12 to 20 pounds and the height is 12 to 14 inches at the withers.

Please do not confuse a Miniature Schnauzer with a Standard Schnauzer, a Giant Schnauzer and “definitivamente” with those tea cups, partys, toys, merles and so on. Most of us are clueless as to what other breeds are bred into these dogs in order to get this line of unstandardized. under-weigh, under-height, smaller frame and disqualified color “Designer Dogs” that are sometimes called Schnauzers.

When people begin to genetically modify the standardized Miniature Schnauzer by cross breeding with nobody seem to know what in order to create 2 pound to 10 pounds schnauzers and to create dogs that have blue eyes, hazel eyes, sometimes 1 brown and 1 blue, in liver/tan, party color, white chocolates, and undersized salt and peppers, blacks, and black and silver we have begun to recognize that they really are a separate breed with a different personality, eating habits, liver shunt disease, pancreatitis and frequently early death whereas they do not even make it to 5 years old. They are not a standardized Miniature Schnauzer although many like to say there are.

I treat my dogs like my children. I take pride in them, and it shows through my breeding development program and through my screening of choosing the right parents for our fur babies.

We are Zurilgen Family of Miniature Schnauzers, a family-based program that allows us to socialize our miniature schnauzer puppies on a daily basis.

All of our puppies are born and raised in our home and are watched over carefully by our family. I live in a small modest home and my babies are always no more than 5 feet from me except when I sleep at night.

My Miniature Schnauzers have taught me bunches, I have learned so much from them. I was born into a dog family whereas we never had less than 4 dogs, my dad was a dog trainer, so I am very educated in the field of dogs. We owned goats, a horse, a flock of geese, cats, wild rabbits, a feral raccoon, and several dogs.

My entire career has been animal based, starting at birth and by 12 years old I took my own money, not an allowance, and invested in an AKC purebred of champion lineage German Shepherd. I cared for her and then joined 4-H for Dogs so I could learn to train her in obedience. I went on to show competitively in obedience trials, and mostly I took 1st place.
I also, domesticated our feral raccoon and I saddle broke my yearling.

I went on to breed Miniature Schnauzers, studying with Dr. Ian Dunbar. I am a self-taught groomer and teach grooming to our new puppy parents.

It is amazing what one can do and learn when one has the desire, passion and determination to do it.

If you put that all together, I have over 50 years of experience with animals.

I adore my animals and love what I do.

All of our puppies learn through Early Neurological Stimulation ENS, Early Environmental Enrichment, EEE, Socialization, and Classical music.

Many of our Miniature Schnauzers have gone on to be service dogs, like search and rescue, diabetic dog and several companion therapy dogs.

By 3 weeks old my puppies are potty trained to use the wee wee pads.

I also child proof my puppies through a technique I designed.

In conclusion, I continue to invest time and money in continued learning from professionals more knowledgeable than me, like Dr. Ian Dunbar. I believe you cannot teach if you are unwilling to learn, you must commit to learning in order to teach. I am dedicated to not only teaching my puppies but also the puppy parents that adopt our fur babies.

Barbara Williams
Breeder, Expert Dog Trainer and Author